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Innovative Metal Manufacturing Methods Backed by Decades of Research

SANOVA LLC is your source for everything related to heat treatment and thermo-chemical processing. Contact us to learn more about our processing innovations and products.

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For metal manufacturing machines developed with the latest in metallurgy research, turn to SANOVA LLC.

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Based in Long Island City, New York, SANOVA LLC is the leader in thermo-chemical processing and heat treatment technology for metal manufacturing. Our experts in metallurgy research and development continue to innovate for increased efficiency and overall better results.

Due to temperature range limitations and complicated batch treatment techniques, existing traditional metal treatment technologies fail to consistently produce uniform, high-quality surface layers. More so, high furnace and facilities costs, long processing times, extensive energy consumption, expensive labor and materials, frequent maintenance, and repair cause these traditional processes to be inefficient and more expensive.

Another issue is that, most of the traditional methods for metal manufacturing require special plating and subsequent stripping, with additional heat treatment to obtain desired properties. Furthermore, traditional heat treatment procedures cause health and environmental problems as large quantities of harmful heat, vapors, and gases get discharged during the process.

Since 2005, we have developed highly effective patented technologies that are safe, simple, and inexpensive. Through improved heat treatment and thermo-chemical processing, we are able to generate the best properties of diffusion case and core of any metal or alloy component, in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost.

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